About Us

Our company was established in 1990. The owners of the company – Mr and Mrs Szatmari – spent their university years in Moscow, and later worked for different companies as expats until 1999, when they returned to Hungary.

Universal Trade has significant experience in the field of international trade, and as such, it continues to successfully assist Hungarian businesses to enter the markets of the former Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and businesses from the former CIS region to enter the Central- and Western European markets.

One of the key areas of operation of Universal Trade is providing professional services related to lighting, such as designing lighting plans and the shipping of lighting equipments.

Universal Trade also acts as an adviser and agent for the international trade and refurbishment of industrial machinery and assembly lines.

Some of the companies we have worked together with in the past:

Company’s Name Role(s) / Venture type
General Electric Hungary Kft. Export of machinery, lights and general consultation.
Mezőfalvai Mezőgazdasági Termelő és Szolgáltató Részvénytársaság Agricultural business.
Várda Drink Liqueur trade.
Zoboki-Demeter Építész Stúdió Architecture agency.
Sanasol Kft. Trade of medical equipments.
Diatron Kft. Trade of hematology equipments.
Pikosystem Kft Hospital equipment launch to the Russian market.
7X Kft. Export of X-ray devices.
Telelux Kft Export of stadium displays.
Alföld Porcelán Edénygyár Export of china and tableware.
ST-Glass Öblösüveggyár Export of glass tableware and glasses.
Racional KKt. Manufacturing and export of theatre equipment.
Aquincum International Közép-európai Befektető és Tanácsadó Iroda Kft. Construction business

We have currently running partnerships with the following companies:

Machines and Materials Kft. Light manufacturing machinery export.
Gáspár Pack Kft. Packaging machinery export.
Üveg-Ásvány Kft Sand mine.
Medexpert Kft. Medical equipment launch to the Russian market.
Special Bau Kft. Export of glass manufacturing furnaces and equipment.